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industry information

shenzhou resources intends to acquire ultrafine nano calcium carbonate powder

sina financial news may 10 news, china resources announced the company on 9th of this month (yesterday) entered

2012 annual national meeting of the calcium carbonate industry

may 15 to 17 , the calcium carbonate industry in the country will be held in dalian city, liaoning province ,

nano calcium carbonates industrial versatility

nano calcium carbonate is a new product and new materials industry , it is the most mature industry plastics in

zhejiang xuefeng calcium carbonate company has a major pollution incident

about zhejiang xuefeng company : geography and transport: head office is located in changshan county of zhejiang

guangxi autonomous region chairman ma biao achieves special cross industry development

baise , guangxi news network (reporter luo meng ) june 16 to 17 , regional chairman ma biao to baise city tia