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guangxi huana passes grade 3 safety standard asessment

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        december 29, 2012 , in the conference room of guangxi huana new material technology co., ltd. "safety standardization three assessment will", after a rigorous assessment and full discussion, nanning city administration announced review of safety standardization : guangxi nanning guangxi huana new material technology co., ltd. passed safety standardization three business acceptance. standardized assessment of corporate security venue suddenly last meeting broke into enthusiastic applause.
        january 2012 , in accordance with the requirements of the city and county innings and development of their own security needs, guangxi huana new material technology co., ltd. officially launched the standardization of production safety standards , establish a long-term continuous improvement of production safety management system. to ensure the smooth progress of compliance work across the company attaches great importance to set up a special leading group of safety standardization , held a special meeting comprehensive deployment and progress checks on existing safety management systems, processes , files safe facilities , on-site hardware facilities were perfect. in the meantime, the self-assessment team led by the integrated management of the ministry of production and overtime , carefully done a lot of work, and coordination with various departments , from employees to raise safety awareness , standardize operations staff , and discipline to prevent illegal phenomena start, strict requirements, strengthen management , and achieved good results.
        in the review meeting , the company's security team first reported standardization leading safety standard self-assessment , the review panel in accordance with the purpose of the assessment , based appraisal scope, procedures , methods and precautions evaluation packet , by listening to reports , find information, look at the scene etc., to strictly control the assessment methods and standards itemized evaluation. group of experts on the company's highly recognized security management that the company attaches great importance to the leadership , full participation, work place, well prepared . the work to improve the safety management of information and standardized on-site management order to win the praise of the expert group, passed the assessment.
        in the evaluation process, the city and county leaders and the group of experts on safety supervision bureau in guangxi huana new material technology co., ltd. security fully affirmed the work , but there are also many gaps and shortcomings , we still need to further improve safety , integrated management department will problems identified corrective action plan intended to instruct the relevant departments according to plan and the requirements for rectification , will work to standardize our security , systematic , institutionalized progresses, ensure safety in production.

        the assessment of safety standardization three passed , marking the safe management of guangxi huana new material technology co., ltd. tends to be more standardized , more complete and robust security infrastructure , the company's safety management, corporate culture , corporate image will be riding on a new level .