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ma biao holds a special meeting to promote the development of the calcium carbon

from:广西日报 publish:2012-07-12 12:39 browse:
         ma biao, chairman of guangxi zhuang autonomous region recently hosted a special work meeting to study calcium to promote industrialization.
        ma biao after listening autonomous departments responsible comrades report , stated that industrial calcium carbonate is widely used in papermaking, plastics , paints, rubber, ink , chemical building materials , adhesives and sealing materials , feed, cosmetic, food , medicine and other many other areas, guangxi has made an important breakthrough in terms of calcium carbonate paper . accelerate the industrial development of calcium carbonate , for playing guangxi resources, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading of great significance , the prospects are very bright.
        ma biao request as soon as possible to set up autonomous calcium carbonate industry leading group to formulate a specific embodiment , the forces deployed centralized office . to pool their wisdom , organized series of seminars, invite experts , scholars and business representatives to discuss various aspects solicit promote the industrial development of calcium carbonate comments and suggestions . to set up industrial calcium carbonate , guangxi academy of engineering , the way to school-enterprise liaison office to focus all aspects of scientific research , increase technology research. to guide enterprises established r & d centers of calcium carbonate , increase the focus on enterprise support. calcium carbonate in the region to carry out exploration survey to find out the real situation, sorting . to encourage diversification , the depth extension of the calcium carbonate industry chain.
        regional leaders nian xiu lin , yang daoxi , huang ribo , secretary-general wang yuefei and autonomous regional government departments responsible comrades attended the meeting. ( reporter luo meng )