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guangxi autonomous region chairman ma biao achieves special cross industry development

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        baise , guangxi news network (reporter luo meng ) june 16 to 17 , regional chairman ma biao to baise city tianyang , music industry, lingyun three counties survey and study. he stressed the need to further strengthen the old infrastructure , while vigorously developing industries, promote the old economic and social development , and strive to achieve leap to catch up .
        16 pm , ma biao widely investigated in tianyang investment corporation cixous source rock paper project , a detailed understanding of production processes, product characteristics , etc., and the industrialization of calcium carbonate hosted forum . suyuan stone paper project to introduce internationally advanced , environmentally friendly paper new technologies and new materials , the use of calcium carbonate powder made from recycled paper products are widely used for advertising information paper, wallpaper and other packaging products, with biodegradable , moisture, insects borers , folding , non-toxic , tasteless and so on. ma biao certainly an important contribution to soviet sources of calcium carbonate in the guangxi industrialization made , that its project to fill the blank stone paper production in guangxi , required to support the project bigger and stronger. he said calcium carbonate is widely used in the field of paper, plastics, paints, rubber and so on. guangxi is rich in calcium carbonate resources , promote the industrialization of calcium carbonate is conducive to resource-based industrial transformation and upgrading , the formation of a higher added value, a longer chain of new industries . autonomous region under study to promote the industrialization of calcium carbonate , calcium carbonate resources to accelerate the census work. baise city , tianyang calcium should promote industrialization as a key work in the resources to find out the calcium carbonate while promptly formulate industrial development planning. suyuan company hopes to strengthen product development , increase investment cooperation efforts to achieve an annual output of 200,000 tons early goal of building environmentally friendly paper .
        in recent years, baise city with a unique geographical advantages and climatic conditions , to develop agriculture, and achieved remarkable results . in the music industry gu tea co. , ma biao was informed that the company vigorously develop organic food , organic tea brand has won the domestic and international market certification, last year became the guangxi agricultural industrialization leading enterprises and poverty alleviation leading enterprises , to congratulate him and asked bose city , leye county in organic agriculture as the foundation to develop the use of the unique geographical and climatic advantages , and actively to efficient agriculture. while further variety, expand the planting area , the development of deep processing, strengthen publicity and promotion , started the tea brand . kiwi hearts in the music industry demonstration base , ma biao pointed out that the music industry unique geographical advantages in resources , the most suitable for the growth of kiwifruit , kiwifruit industry promising. leye county kiwi planting should grasp as a major industry , strengthening breeding, scientific research , branding , marketing, tourism development work.