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nano calcium carbonates industrial versatility

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        nano calcium carbonate is a new product and new materials industry , it is the most mature industry plastics industry , mainly used in high-grade plastic products. plastic masterbatch can be improved rheology , improve its formability. reinforcing fillers for plastic toughening effect , improve the bending strength and bending elastic modulus of the plastic , heat distortion temperature and dimensional stability , and also gives the plastic thermal hysteresis . nano calcium carbonate for ink products reflects the excellent dispersion and excellent transparency and gloss, and excellent ink absorption and high dryness . nano calcium carbonate in the resin -based ink for ink filler , with good stability , high gloss, does not affect the drying properties of printing inks . adaptability advantages. in my opinion nano calcium carbonate do much more than that, just like the legendary snake oil.

1 , to improve the smoothness of the paper softness
paper is now more than just writing requirements, and has been widely used to print various aspects of color , and even packaging. modern craft paper requirements are very high, not only the color of pale paper requirements , still smoothness, flexibility, not easy to break above have higher requirements. nano calcium carbonate in the papermaking material , the paper face can be improved to improve the above parties paper whiteness and opacity , smoothness of the paper improved softness , improve the absorption properties of the ink to improve retention.

2 , anti- slippery rubber to improve performance

in the processing of rubber products , rubber compound nano calcium carbonate can improve wet skid resistance of plastic materials , nano calcium carbonate is an excellent modern rubber craft materials , used in rubber compound added , can replace some or all of the carbon black, so rubber meet the performance , cost reduction, at present, changchun vigorously nano group in cooperation with jilin university, after years of research and development , improvement, day泽纳米calcium carbonate products are currently in the domestic leading level .

3 , increase the gloss paint

nano calcium carbonate is now widely used in paints, coatings used to add to chak coatings for nano calcium carbonate , for example, the particle size distribution of the product in the 50-70 nm, with a significant steric effect , as a paint filler , with delicate, uniform, high brightness, optical performance, etc., can make the recipe denser lithopone suspension , anti- drop effect from . especially dedicated for the production of high-grade automotive paint ( chassis paint , car paint , etc. ) , can increase the film leveling , higher gloss , improved hiding power, improved impact resistance coating . as a filler in the field of alternative higher prices coating colloidal calcium and reduce the amount of high-grade titanium dioxide .

4 , widely used in plastic products
since the activity of nano calcium carbonate surface lipophilicity , good compatibility with resin , can improve or regulate products just toughness , finish and bending strength. nano calcium carbonate for plastic chak traditional carbonization process technology and analog biomimetic combination , the average diameter of the product stable at 70-160 nm, particle size uniformity , can be widely used in plastic products for injection molding, blown film, drawing processing technology to improve the quality of plastic products .
in short , can not progress with the productivity of science and technology of nanometer calcium carbonate is widely used in a variety of new materials use and production , as more companies seek blessing , and even more to add luster to our lives .