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2012 annual national meeting of the calcium carbonate industry

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        may 15 to 17 , the calcium carbonate industry in the country will be held in dalian city, liaoning province , china inorganic salt industry association, honorary president yehai ting , deputy secretary-general tao even printed , technical adviser the chemical , nanzhao county standing committee , the county office yanghong zhong , deputy governor of the people's government jingxing sun ya kun and other leaders attended the meeting. domestic precipitated calcium carbonate , heavy calcium carbonate , additives manufacturing enterprises and related research institutes , equipment manufacturing , automation, instrumentation, and other aspects of the engineering and technical staff of about 300 people attended the meeting , we come together to jointly develop industry .
       the meeting was chaired by the china salt industry association of calcium and magnesium salts are liu shuwen president of china inorganic salt industry association, honorary president yehai ting speech , deputy governor of the people's government jingxing sun ya kun made a congratulatory speech.
        subject tao even printed by the deputy secretary-general of calcium and magnesium salts president invited a report entitled " maintaining stability , achieve better results " speech, speech to the rapid and smooth development of ten years from the calcium carbonate industry to further improve the industry concentration from industrial quality standard compliance activities to outcomes , from improving the level of technical equipment to adjust the industrial structure , etc., made a detailed exposition. for decades the industry 's growth rate reached 16.8 percent , the rapid development of enterprise -scale , industrial parks , stable imports, increase exports , diversified product variety , functional, companies can currently provide various crystal forms , different size , different surface modified products, basically reached the world advanced level. structural adjustment , both adhere to the severity of mutually reinforcing situation basically formed. industrial quality , standard compliance activities to promote industrial development , trade and energy consumption indicators significantly lower industry-wide 25 % of the companies reached the advanced level , 50% of businesses have reached the required level.
        speech development of the industry but also for the situation and put forward new requirements, especially facing the current international debt crisis and austerity problems, impact and sluggish economic recovery , emphasizing the development of the industry to " maintaining stability " to prevent fluctuations in the obtain structural adjustment and market development on the progress achieved efficiency , variable resource advantage into product advantages , eliminate backward production capacity , solid industry foundation , to carry out well-known brands and foster responsible care activities.
        lectures on issues of development rock paper also carried out scientific analysis from multiple angles dialectical view of the development of stone paper , the development of rock paper should also conduct scientific research and evaluation , stone paper items to calm , serious , moderate consideration, prevent the formation of overheating. also proposed enterprise specializing in the production of calcium oxide with carbon dioxide should be put on the agenda of scientific development as the main line , adjust the structure , vigorously carry out comprehensive utilization , while maintaining stability and achieve better results .
        also carried out technical exchanges after the conference , 25 papers were exchanged .
     secretary-general of the china plastics processing industry association professional committee liu yingjun modified plastics , was invited to do a report entitled " young low carbon green sail , modified by creating new composite filling ," the report on the status of the development of the paper were discussed stone sculpture .
        anhui hefei cement research & design institute of qin ultra light , on the status of the development of heavy calcium carbonate and "twelfth five year plan" analysis of the scientific discourse , from the status of the resource to production status, equipment and technology to the market demand from both the scientific direction of development proposed .
        jinan hi-tech innovation service center wang maosen exchange papers , " a combination of electromagnetic and ultrasonic field on nano- crystalline calcium carbonate and carbonation reaction " to the carbonation reaction kinetics theory , collision theory of molecular reaction dynamics of micro-mixing on the molecular scale , theory and reactive crystallization theory, proposed nano calcium carbonate crystallization carbonation and a new concept , attracted the attention of experts and scholars.
      in the annual meeting of calcium and magnesium salts also held before the executive director of the unit meeting , liu shuwen president presided over the meeting , the secretariat informed the preparations for the organization of the 2012 annual meeting , and the specific content of the annual meeting , the agenda, the meeting co-opted the shijiazhuang city hongyu chemical engineering technology co., ltd. as vice president of the unit .
        the meeting of the three panel members recommended a vote comrades : hebei jingxing cangshan chairman zhang sanyan calcium co., ltd. , shijiazhuang city hongyu chemical engineering technology co., ltd. chairman qi jianjun , zhejiang changshan calcium huasheng co., ltd. deputy prime minister huangrong chun co-opted members of the group for the third .
        this year's conference is characterized by the severity of the situation both basic form , significantly accelerate the pace of structural adjustment , industrial agglomeration areas of common interest , while maintaining stability , total control, and adapt to the development of domestic demand have formed a consensus . based on resources and environmental protection , vigorously develop the circular economy, has become the main theme of development of the industry .
        china salt industry association of calcium and magnesium salts will

may 18, 2012