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zhejiang xuefeng calcium carbonate company has a major pollution incident

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about zhejiang xuefeng company :
        geography and transport: head office is located in changshan county of zhejiang province building materials industrial park , bear in accordance 320,205 hangjinqu two national highways and roads , often in the construction of the railway terminus thoroughfare is set near the head ; yiyang branch located yiyang county , jiangxi province near the town of le cao xi river line road , living in the middle years of yiyang railway station and adjacent to the poyang lake water , only two production bases have unique limestone resources, and traffic conditions are very favorable.
        township road 520 north along has been , over changshan cement company, one two hundred meters south location , the road to the right grass loud rushing water . rushed to the roadside ditch water flows northward along the side walk , testing found that this seemingly clear water ph value was as high as 11 or more, a high concentration of alkaline. kilometers of road in the rain near the ditch , all of which are strongly alkaline stream of water, there are a few have even diffuse onto the road. from the traffic point of view, at least tens of tons per hour .
        where the water out along the waterways, we found a large pond , full of strong alkaline water into the reservoir , the water will neither upward nor enterprise . the upper pond is one called " zhejiang xuefeng calcium carbonate co., ltd." calcium enterprises.
        then along the right side of the dirt road up a rural road , xuefeng impressively in the head , the workshop floor surrounding white , a few muddy ditch almost all high alkaline concentration , workshops hillside, in the middle of a road, the street was lined ditches are strongly alkaline water . on the road is a thick layer of white powder , even water rainy roads radiate strongly alkaline. as is located halfway up the mountain , the whole flow of low-lying alkaline township road direction , eventually flowing into the harbor a few kilometers away changshan inside . further investigation peaks surrounding businesses and companies outside environment , ph value found in water samples properly .
        calcium carbonate is strongly alkaline water needed precipitation, neutralization treatment , sewage before discharge standards , otherwise the strong alkaline water influx of water , the water will inevitably lead to ecological imbalance .
        but local environmental pollution enforcement officers seem to take for granted , and did not sample the water , just a simple understanding along the road , and ultimately determine which mostly xuefeng alkali water discharged from the company . for reasons of environmental protection law enforcement officers did not inform the investigation group is not known. environmental enforcement officers also stressed that the company is xuefeng has sedimentation tanks, sewage is through precipitation and then row , then the investigation team went to the company to see again found that the so-called sedimentation tanks is just a 10 square meters of outdoor concrete ponds , will be divided into five segments . for hundreds of tons of annual production capacity of calcium carbonate products xuefeng companies, which can only be called a sedimentation tank drop in the bucket .
        leave until the investigation team , environmental law enforcement officers did not take further action , allowing a steady flow of sewage discharged into the alkali changshan hong kong. test results show that : xuefeng company discharged from the settling tank strongly alkaline water ph value : 11.5 . alkali water not only have adverse effects on the environment , as part of changshan port qianjiang source , it is the health of surrounding residents buried deep scourge , it is learned , alkaline water ph value of more than 10 drug becomes alkaline water , the body after long-term exposure can cause electrolytic balance disorders , induced stone disease, gastrointestinal mucosa and even burn